Adventure Castles :
Adventure Castles is a safe,liberal and interactive soft play system which designed according to kid' age characteristics. It is a new play center integrating playing, sporting, amusement and fitness through solid scientific combination.

Adventure Castles usually covers entertainment items such as ball pool, spring beds, slides, space-time tunnels, and moon-beds, all of which is for the kids liking of up-and-about. With interesting factors and artistic packaging, the equipment places kids in a stimulating, safe and reassuring amusement environment. It is good for improving children's energy and imagination, and the oxygen resistance is exercised when children having fun. Adventure Castles can satisfy kids' metal needs of surpassing, excelling and exploring, help them grow up happily, cleverly and healthily, foster their brave, tough, and perseverant character, train their speed, strength, balance to obtain the function of body building and brain strengthening.

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