Miscellaneous Toys :
Miscellaneous toys include whole plastic combine slides, Montessori teaching equipment, toy bricks, rocket horse and seesaw.

Toy bricks have solid bricks, hollow bricks and Russian type bricks that can play indelible role in improving infants' creativity and perceptive faculties, develop small muscle movement. Large scale inside and outside toy bricks can foster future architectures and immerse kids in creation.

Rocker horses have complete varieties, involving cetacean type, crocodile, hippo, tiger figure. It also can be shaped upon customers' need. The swing and seesaw mainly adopt international standard tube and pipe with surface double-layer treatment, static spray painting, and high-temperature baking finish. It is ultraviolet radiation resistance, multi-colored and peel-off resistance. All the joints of equipment introduce imported bearings with smooth movement, which reduces inflexible wear and extends the lifespan, being convenient to maintain.

In addition, we deputize the Montessori teaching equipment, which can allow infants have preliminary understanding towards amount, weight, character, shape, distance, direction and time and preliminary learning about comparison and measure ways, foster their hands-on ability and provide them with plenty of visual, auditory and tactual stimulation. Kids also can create new methods in playing, foster their own creativity, and achieve diverse teaching objectives.

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