Art Decoration :
With the latest theory in kidology and pedagogy, we integrate diverse education methods such as form plan, color arrangement, symbol induction and language influence, maximum the potential education factors and place kids in a kindly influence artistic atmosphere in order to exert a subtle influence on their affection and taste, harmonize state of mind, improve students' comprehensive quality in excellent environment education and self education, and foster high quality talents.

Via artistic decoration, common classroom can be changed into comprehensive classroom integrating science, art and life education. Generally, we divide the kindergarten into corridor, classroom, bedroom, washroom, science classroom, art classroom, parent-child activities room, cooking room, music room and P.E. room, each of which has its respective functions. For example, the science classroom can improve the kids' perceptual knowledge towards changing course of things through operation and experiment, and their ability to discover and solve problems by simple cognitive methods. Mediums include optics, mechanics, hydrics and airflow experiment and the knowing of seeds. We adhere to the tenet of 'discover and enlighten', inspire kids science interest, respect their born curiosity and appetite of learn and foster their scientific spirit.

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